About us

Our company "Sortovi Semena" Co. ( Selected Seeds) was established in 1957 as a state-owned enterprise. Our main office is in Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria. In 1997 the company was privatized by its current owners and is now with 100% private capital.

      Our main activities are production of common wheat, corn and sunflower seeds. We sell our production and trade with vegetable seeds, flower seeds, potatoes, preparations and fertilizers.

     "Sortovi Semena" Co. has shops in five Bulgarian cities: Veliko Turnovo, Gabrovo, Sevlievo, Gorna Oriahovitsa, Polski Trumbesh. Our attending personnel is higly qualified.

    Our company disposes of five production equipments with warehouses, production departments, undeveloped land. They are in:

  • Svishtov - the most important of them. Its best advantage is the port on the Danube river;
  • Gorna Oriahovitsa - our biggest production equipment;
  • Sevlievo;
  • Pavlikeni;
  • Polski Trumbesh.

    In our production equipments we purify, prepare, package and store seeds. We demise some of our production equipments and warehouses. We also prepare and store seeds for other companies.

    "Sortovi Semena" Co. is looking for partners in seed production and seed trade.